[TYPO3-core] Use tabulator key in textareas in the BE

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Wed Oct 12 10:22:42 CEST 2005

Hi Martin,

> : window.setTimeout("changeTextareaElements();", 200);
> I think it should be initialized in an onload. TYPO3 has some kind of
> wrapper for this. Or is it only fo FE?

See the comment inside - onload could be used by something else already.
Anyway, this doesn't hurt and works in all browsers that can use the tabbing

The advantage is that this way, the whole functionality can be included with
just one line in template.php.

> : className.search(/.*enable-tab.*/)
> This is a bogus regexp. thayy way it is written it is a simple string
> search and will match eg "xenable-tabs".

I already changed that. Wanted to make it possible to enable tabbing
depending on a class name but changed my opinion. Instead, you'll have to
_disable_ it explicitely if you don't want it (using class="disable-tab").

> My suggestion:
> .search(/(^| )enable-tab($| )/))

I'm no RegExp guru. Didn't know that this is possible. I'll change it,

- michael

BTW: After all you didn't answer my original question! :-)
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