[TYPO3-core] make class.t3lib_db.php usable for backend modules

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Wed Nov 30 22:39:55 CET 2005

Hi Franz,

first of all I apologize for not telling you this beforehand. I thought it
was clear...

We use this mailing list for a last stop before things enter the Core CVS.
You can submit your patches, write some words why they are needed, and wait
for other peoples go.

However the mailing list is _not_ meant to be another discussion place - we
already have typo3-dev for this. It's just for the stuff that is ready to
be used.

> I am currently developing the Graytree Library which is good for
> displaying a category tree in the backend and frontend.
> On the right side of this tree the same list like in the LIST module
> should get displayed. However I could not use the class.t3lib_db.php to
> do this but had to copy most of its code, because the BACKPATH variable
> is not used. And the class file has its own creation parts so nobody can
> derive a class from it.

I have some comments here, but the discussion should follow in typo3-dev!

- The name "graytree" makes me think of Volker Graubaum. I'm sorry to say
  but I dislike the idea to make TYPO3 class names a hall of fame, so please
  change it.

- Generally: What does t3lib_db have to do with the list module?

> And what I also need is to pass paramters there. E.g.
>         // Graytree Anfang
>         $this->graytree = t3lib_div::_GP('graytree');
>         if ($this->graytree) {
>             $this->table = key ($this->graytree);
>             $this->valueArray = current($this->graytree);
>         }
> The name can be different of course. Which name do you prefer?

Ah, I see. I don't have a suggestion, but please change it.

> I hope you agree that I can start to bring the changes from Graytree
> record list view into TYPO3.

I still don't see the sense in it. Maybe you can explain?

- michael
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