[TYPO3-core] Page shortcut resolving (@sebastian)

Sebastian Kurfuerst sebastian at garbage-group.de
Sun Nov 27 14:16:28 CET 2005

I just checked where this function is called throughout the core: see

> t3lib_page::getMenu() where he resolves shortcuts.
Shortcuts aren't resolved, it is just checked if the targets exist.

There shouldn't be any problems with tslib_menu - as the change was done
for this class.

Concerning tslib_fe: The function is called  in
tslib_fe::getPageShortcut which resolves shortcuts for tslib_fe - so
there shouldn't be any side-effects there.

Wizard_sortpages: Here an error happens: When the page is of the type
shortcut but there is not target page the "Shortcut" page is _not_ shown
in the sorting wizard. This is definitely a bug, but anyways I am not
sure how severe it is. The shortcut page with the error is not shown in
the FE anyways.

I didn't check the indexed search.

Possible solution:
Create a new option $checkShortcut for t3lib_page::getMenu which
defaults to 1 and change it to 0 in the wizards and maybe the indexed

What do you think?

Greets, Sebastian


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