[TYPO3-core] Gremlin 1660: typolink should support the titleattribute

Jan-Erik Revsbech jer at moccompany.com
Tue Nov 15 08:29:53 CET 2005

Hi Michael, thanks for the comments, I'll check up on the space-tab issue 
before I commit. And I'll send the patch to Stanislas right away.  As for 
the variable name, It might be my english which is not quite accurate 
enough, but taking a string "MyString" and returning MyString seems to me to 
remove quotes, hence the name unQuote. If the variable is set, then " at the 
beginning and end are removed. If not set  (the default value to keep 
compability), is to return the quoted string "MyString".

Am I completely off track here?

Jan-Erik Revsbech

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> Hi Jan-Erik,
> thank for your patch, it looks very well-thought.
> Just some comments:
> The new parameter in t3lib_div::unQuoteFilenames should be called
> "keepQuotes" instead of "unQuote" because this is what you actually want 
> to
> do.
> Be aware that your editor seems to replace tabs with spaces. Please change
> that before committing the patch.
> Please make sure to contact Stanislas Rolland who is working on htmlarea
> which is used by quite some people. He might be interested about this
> patch, too.
> Does anybody know what documentation needs to be updated regarding this
> change?
> Regards, michael
> Jan-Erik Revsbech wrote:
>> This is a CVS patch request
>> Type: New Feature (Gremlin #1660)
>> Description:
>> typolink (<LINK> tags is DB) should support title attributes.
>> Solution:
>> The RTE link editor and TYPO3 browse links is modified to allow the title
>> tag to be set on a link. The DB transformation si then modified to allow
>> the LINK tags to have format <LINK PARAMETER TARGET CLASS TITLE> instead
>> of only supporting <LINK PARAMETER TARGET CLASS>. Modifed in both
>> directions RTE<->DB. The typolink property is then modified, so it
>> understand this format.
>> Two diff's attached: one for the rte and one for the core. I think the
>> solution is stable, but it needs some testing. The attached patch have a
>> single hardcoding of the label "Title" in typo3/browse_links.php, that
>> will need to go into a locallang file, but I was unable to find the
>> correct place. This will need to be corrected before a cvs commit.
>> Branches: HEAD
>> /Jan-Erik
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