[TYPO3-core] Gremlin 1660: typolink should support the title attribute

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Tue Nov 15 01:45:19 CET 2005

Hi Jan-Erik,

thank for your patch, it looks very well-thought.

Just some comments:

The new parameter in t3lib_div::unQuoteFilenames should be called
"keepQuotes" instead of "unQuote" because this is what you actually want to

Be aware that your editor seems to replace tabs with spaces. Please change
that before committing the patch.

Please make sure to contact Stanislas Rolland who is working on htmlarea
which is used by quite some people. He might be interested about this
patch, too.

Does anybody know what documentation needs to be updated regarding this

Regards, michael

Jan-Erik Revsbech wrote:

> This is a CVS patch request
> Type: New Feature (Gremlin #1660)
> Description:
> typolink (<LINK> tags is DB) should support title attributes.
> Solution:
> The RTE link editor and TYPO3 browse links is modified to allow the title
> tag to be set on a link. The DB transformation si then modified to allow
> the LINK tags to have format <LINK PARAMETER TARGET CLASS TITLE> instead
> of only supporting <LINK PARAMETER TARGET CLASS>. Modifed in both
> directions RTE<->DB. The typolink property is then modified, so it
> understand this format.
> Two diff's attached: one for the rte and one for the core. I think the
> solution is stable, but it needs some testing. The attached patch have a
> single hardcoding of the label "Title" in typo3/browse_links.php, that
> will need to go into a locallang file, but I was unable to find the
> correct place. This will need to be corrected before a cvs commit.
> Branches: HEAD
> /Jan-Erik

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