[TYPO3-core] RFC: XHTML compliance of GMENUwith onmouseoverimages(#874)

Martin Kutschker Martin.Kutschker at blackbox.net
Sun Nov 13 20:35:12 CET 2005

Peter Niederlag <niederlag at ikd01.de> writes on 
Sun, 13 Nov 2005 14:59:57 +0100 (MET):

> Generally I agree but still I'd like to get an overview of
> getElementById-Support in Browsers.

IE since 5.0 (5.5 on Win CE)
Opera since 6.0 (perhaps even earlier: 5.12)
Netscape since 6.0 (so probably Mozilla since 1.0)
Konqueror since 3.3 (source selfhtml.org)
Safari since 1.2 (source selfhtml.org)


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