[TYPO3-core] RFC: XHTML compliance of GMENU with onmouseoverimages(#874)

Peter Niederlag niederlag at ikd01.de
Sun Nov 13 14:59:57 CET 2005


Martin Kutschker schrieb:
>>I use getElementById quite frequently (don't really know 'bout
>>TYPO3's JS :-< ). Are U saying getElementById is a NoNo?
> Not a No-no, but - as it might not be availale in older browses, you have to protect it's use. In the code you posted, ut'S tied to a ns3 version test. Netscape 3 had no getElementById.
> So what I've asked for is to protect it eiterher with a typeof(document.getElementById == "funtion") or by some other means of capability testing (and setting globals vars like "n3", etc)
> I think we still should try to reach the largest possible audience for our TYPO3-based websites. So IMHO eg a not-working roll-over in a an ancient browser is fine as long as it does not throw a Javscript error.

Generally I agree but still I'd like to get an overview of
getElementById-Support in Browsers. If it is only NS3 lacking support of
it (which I am aware of) I don't think it needs any special care,
espacially in the TYPO3-BE (which I am pretty sure will not work in NS3).

DOM-Scripting is afaik some kind of standard, and it makes sense to cut
effort of programming in favor of a standard, that is covered by 99% of
any modern browser.

Good chance I am wrong here, so please just add one or two more voices
and I reconsider my point of view.

Peter Niederlag
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