[TYPO3-core] bug in getBorderAttr()

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Wed Nov 9 14:12:04 CET 2005

Michael Scharkow wrote:

> Rupi, sorry for the confusion. I guess I've missed some chars when
> fiddling with this. I agree that Ernesto's version seems more grokable.
> +1 from me

So do I get this right, the solution which is in CVS is the correct one?

As far as I have seen, the patch is also in the 3-8 branch (right, Rupi?).
I already packaged 3.8.1 so it would be really bad if I had to do everything

Rupi, can you please give me a short feedback if anything needs to be
changed in TYPO3_3-8?

- michael
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