[TYPO3-core] Gremlin #1573: Admin user is logged out on testing beuser settings

Sebastian Kurfuerst sebastian at garbage-group.de
Sat Nov 5 14:44:24 CET 2005

User writes:

When you're setting up be users you have to check it via user admin
module where you can substitute the user.
The is is basically a nice thing, the problem ist, that you have to log
out and re-login in as admin eveytime you have to check a user.
It would be nice if the admin user can stay logged in.


- add a DB field "ses_backuserid" to the be_sessions table which stores
the UID where the user will switch back to after logout (defaults to 0)
- on using the switchUser feature, set ses_backuserid
- on logout, use already available hook to switch back user if
ses_backuserid is set.
- only if the user admin module is installed, ses_backuserid is taken
into account


- maybe it is cleaner to add ses_backuserid to the database when
installing the user admin module, but as it is a default and a sysext, I
see no problem in updating stddb/tables.sql. Comments are welcome.

Greets, Sebastian

Sebastian Kurfuerst
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