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Kian T. Gould nospam at aoemedia.de
Mon Jun 30 15:21:17 CEST 2008

Hi guys

To get things sped up a little bit, I have decided to sponsor a Core 
member (Ingo Renner) for a day on which we want to get the Donate page 
on TYPO3 up and running. Of course we won't set it live yet but we wanna 
prepare it for review by the Association and sponsoring team. The plans 
for the page include:

1. Giving quick access to Paypal, Bank transfer and possibly 2Checkout 
(credit card) donation. Paypal and Bank Transfer we have the details 
already, for 2 Checkout, Adrian could you set this up please or give me 
permission to set it up, since many people don't have Paypal yet.

2. Having a donate extension (this is what we will work on on Friday 
with Ingo) that allows for people to determine, whether they want to get 
listed with their donation or not etc.

3. Offering donation subscriptions, in this case Paypal automatically 
takes off a certain amount each month from the donors account.

4. Giving information on projects that need sponsoring (Francois will 
provide this part) so people can donate directly to certain projects 
they are interested in.

I am most happy for more input and ideas, what could be useful to do.


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