[TYPO3-sponsoring] TYPO3 VISA Card

Matthias Stuebner news at contratec.de
Sun Jun 15 00:43:10 CEST 2008

On Sat, 17 May 2008 20:58:24 +0200, Francois Suter wrote:

>> Look at what the Linux fund has done. I think the idea is great. Should 
>> I try to get this organized for TYPO3 or anyone opposed against this?
> This is very interesting indeed. Although TYPO3 is much smaller than 
> Linux, such a card could be a quite a hit in a country like Germany 
> where TYPO3 is quite a big name.

I'm a bit afraid, when I see that more and more acitivities are about
cool marketing things instead of something "useful". The donaition part
would of course be the upside, but I'm sure that it will not reach the
critical mass and i.e. me do not select my card dependant the motiv printed

Just my 2cents,
br Matthias

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