[TYPO3-mvc] Prevent user from submitting a form twice

Steffen Müller typo3 at t3node.com
Mon Feb 20 11:16:29 CET 2012


I have a new/createAction for account registration, which is connected
to a webservice for account management. Users can enter and submit
account data with a fluid form.

After data has been submitted, the webservice takes some time to verify
and process account data. In the meantime users have to wait.
Unfortunately it appears that users are impatient and hit the submit
button twice or more often.

My question is how to prevent submitting the form more than once?

Beside the usual javascript or redirect-immediately solutions, a unique
transaction id looks like a solution to me.

Is this already possible with extbase framework or TYPO3 API? Any other
ideas how to solve that?



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