[TYPO3-mvc] Where / how to store extension related data?

Stig Nørgaard Færch snf at dkm.dk
Tue Feb 14 15:50:22 CET 2012

Den 14-02-2012 14:44, Stefan Neufeind skrev:
> On 02/14/2012 02:39 PM, Stig Nørgaard Færch wrote:
>> I'm creating my first Extbase extension. So far so good. :-)
>> In my BE module, I need a page where the user can edit some different
>> settings and data for the extension.
>> First of all, the user needs to be able to edit the subject and bodytext
>> of an email template.
>> And maybe also other data like sender email and name.
>> There also could be boolean checkbox data.
>> The good question for me is - how and where should these data be stored?
> Hi,
> Well I think you have several options. You could add some settings as
> ` (to be changed through the Extension manager). But
> for the ones you mention above you wouldn't usally do that since they
> would be global.

This would be ok, as its not the plugin, but the module. So a global 
setting would be ok.
Any ideas what methods to use to write the settings, without having to 
manipulate localconf.php manually?

> Another option might be to add them via TypoScript. To be able to easily
> change them you want want to define some as constants so users can use
> the Constants editor.

I would rather keep this inside the module and not in another module 
(Constant Editor)

> Or you could just add them as part of your plugin with a
> flexform-configuration inside the "content-element" which you use to
> insert your extension on a page.
> Or you could offer a combination of TypoScript/flexform like other
> extensions do.

As said, it's not a plugin, but a module.  :-)

> That's not much different between a "normal" extension and an
> Extbase-extension.

I was also thinking about creating a whole new domain model just for 
storing these data, but that also seems a bit overkill.
But would of course do the job.

Also thought about storing the data in files - at least it would make 
sense for the email templates. But probably not the other settings?

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