[TYPO3-mvc] Will Extbase 1.4 work on TYPO3 4.5?

Stefan Neufeind typo3.neufeind at speedpartner.de
Sun Feb 12 18:02:16 CET 2012

On 02/12/2012 11:30 AM, Claus Due wrote:
>> The autoloader should make some trouble as well: With 4.6 we integrated the extbase/fluid autoloader in the core and removed the extbase handling.
> Hi Christian,
> I have an idea for that - will work it into the patch I am creating.

If you find a clean solution for that let's see - would be great!

On the other hand I think the autoloader-stuff (as a backport) can help
in various places. At least it might be something we can discuss (for
core then).


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