[TYPO3-mvc] [RFC] Make 4.7 run with 4.5 LTS?

Claus Due claus at wildside.dk
Sun Feb 12 10:44:10 CET 2012

Hi Felix,

> Yah, as mentioned, I see the problem and do not doubt it. Actually in my extbase teachings, I teach based on master so they get frustrated when they can't use that features as well. ;-)
>> My vote is a clear no on this external approach. There are a few reasons for this:
> We have a different definition of "few", really. ;-)

Okay, that wasn't just a few, even by my own definitions ;)

> For me that sound reasonable but does not put an internal solution over an external.

That's true, sure. But having this internally would most likely be less work than branching it out. And being maintenance free, the internal solution wins out over an external one imho.

> So telling them "It is not intended to work with 4.5", they will ask you "Why did you make it work, then?". IMHO we take implicit responsibility by making it work on 4.5.

I see that point, sure. It's a very valid point. But I also think the point is just as valid, that we have already said "caveat emptor" in so many different places.

> Our idea was not having them to keep their own git updated but to provide an additional, explicitly marked "unsupported" extension (probably even via t3x) for them to fecth from some non-official source.

I think this would just be more work for us, rather than doing this one time commit and then informing people properly about the risks of going Git on a 4.5. Whomever was responsible for that external source would then also need to keep it maintained, right?

>> I can't imagine anybody could rationally assume otherwise?
> But you do imaging that all that people are rationally. ;-)

I have no such illusions anymore ;)

I only rest assured that if people choose to be irrational it is their problem, not mine. I don't see the Extbase community as being the least bit irrational though. Quite the opposite. We're generally a very responsible bunch of people ;)

I don't expect _any_ complaints about LTS support in the Git master. I expect the opposite.

> Of course, just our oppinion and this will be a team descission. So let's hear some more people and then decide ...

Agreed. Let's have some do-ocracy! (to quote The Reverend)

Thanks by the way for a healthy discussion!


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