[TYPO3-mvc] 1st Extbase CodeSprint

Felix Oertel the at extbase.pro
Sun Feb 12 10:12:06 CET 2012

Hey you guys,

as you might have heard, there will be the first Extbase Code Sprint 
soon. We are quiet sorry to announce it that close, but our budget was 
approved only at Feb. 4th, a week ago. As the TYPO3 4.7 release is on 
it's way, we have to make the best out of it.

This mail is just a first, brief introduction, but might give you all 
the information you need for now. If you have any questions, don't 
hesitate to contact me via mail at f at oer.tel.


We will gather in teams (this will be done before the codesprint, in a 
wiki) and address certain issues that matter for 4.7. The list ist not 
yet final, though we have some topics (workspaces, language handling, 
website, unittests, bugs, etc.) allready.

Teams will be encouraged to do some work (probably skype / bigbluebutton 
calls also) upfront, so we can really finish things at the codesprint.

When and Where?

The codesprint will take place from 15. - 18. March 2012 in Flensburg, 

Meet and greet will be on thursday at around 9 a.m., that last patchset 
is to be merged on sunday at 4p.m. If you want to arrive on wednesday 
already and enjoy some pre-sprint dinner with us, we will find you a 
place to stay - dinner is on us!


As mentioned, everything is kind of happening right now, so no final 
answer is possible yet.

It seems that we get a suitable location (aprox. 130qm, two bathrooms, 
little kitchen, lots of coffee) right in the middle of the city for 
free. Staying in Flensburg is quiet cheap also.

Keep in mind: we want to code and push extbase, not go on vacation. 
Please don't expect a 5*-hotel and shuttle service. ;-) We will try to 
keep it basic ...


As this event is sponsored from the Extbase Team Budget, it is on 
invitation only, but *NOT* a team-only event! Everyone who is willing to 
contribute, is more than welcome.

The location and drinks / coffee over the day is free of charge, of 
course. Besides that, the extbase team budget can cover some additional 
travel-/accomodation-cost. We have to figure that out some more in the 
next days and we will keep you updated.

All team members (by today, 12.3.2012) are invited. Their accomodation 
and travelcost will be covered upto a certain amount.

Besides that we will invite some people from other teams (Tolleiv 
Nietsch from Workspaces e.g.) to help us. Their costs will be covered also.

As mentioned, everyone is more than welcome, but we can't afford to pay 
for flying you all in (as much as we'd love to!!). That lead's us to ...


The extbase team has some small budget, which has to last for at least 
two (three would be great) codesprints. So we all have to pull together 

As most of you (probably all of the people reading this post ;) ) work 
and earn money with extbase, please consider spending some money on 
making it better! Honor will be yours ...

It's easy (and not that expensive): Just give your employee two days off 
(he gives two days of his weekend as well!) and cover his costs, sending 
her / him to work on a certain feature. It's operational expenditure and 
Flensburg is quiet cheap. ;-) If you don't have an suitable employee, 
get in touch with me to sponsor another proper candidate.

Of course we love general sponsoring as well, as there is lots of food 
and accomodation to be paid. Just get in touch ...

Even we didn't come to a descission yet, be assured that you will be 
mentioned and in public the proper way! Thanks for supporting extbase!

What's next?

Fire up your calenders and let me know, if you are available. I will 
send out e-mails to all active team members and the few persons we 
decided on to invite already.

If you think you should be in this codesprint, *PLEASE* drop me a mail 
as soon as possible and let me know, how you can help us make extbase 
better. Remember, this is *NOT* a team-only event. Feel warmly welcomed.

If you know an urgent topic which you really want to see addressed in 
the code sprint, *PLEASE* drop me a mail, linking to the corresponding 

If you want to sponsor us, *PLEASE* drop me a mail to discuss further 

That's for the "first, brief introduction". Love to see us put more 
preassure on extbase development ... that will be fun!

regards, foertel

please support our work http://bit.ly/supportTYPO3

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