[TYPO3-mvc] [RFC] Make 4.7 run with 4.5 LTS?

Felix Oertel the at extbase.pro
Sun Feb 12 08:52:56 CET 2012

Hey you guys,

I recently noticed the question of running 1.4 / 4.7 on TYPO3 4.5 LTS 
popping up more often. I also think, it would be great to have something 
like this. But ...

In the Extbase Team Leader Meeting we discussed this issue. Of course 
this is just our first impression and open for discussion. ;-) The hole 
concept of LTS is to have a rock solid system for a long time. You pay 
for this right to run the same version for a long time by not getting 
new features.

We think it would be best to offer the "magic" to make 1.4 / 4.7 work in 
an additional patch or probably a "ready to checkout"-version in 
someone's github repo. This way it would be crystal clear, that the 
extbase team does not take any responsibility whatsoever, running newer 
versions on older TYPO3s.

What do you think?

regards, foertel
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