[TYPO3-mvc] Will Extbase 1.4 work on TYPO3 4.5?

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Sun Feb 12 08:45:44 CET 2012


Claus Due wrote:
> ....and the same compatibility for Fluid's git master:
> https://review.typo3.org/8985
>> Inspired by this and some recent chatter on Twitter I made a patch that seems to make the Extbase git master compatible with TYPO3 4.5.
>> https://review.typo3.org/8982

I quickly read them:

- I'd like to read a comment that some part is needed for compatibility
with 4.5 (just see the big chunk of code in ext_localconf.php :/)
- CGL is not enforced (ext_tables.sql: blank spaces instead of tabs,
blank space before parentheses, ...)
- t3lib_div::int_from_ver, suggestion in comment is OK but no way to use
something deprecated that will trigger deprecationLog
- Commit message misses the Releases line. You want to push that to
master, so TYPO3 4.7. What about 4.6? We don't need it, that's true but
to be sure. It sounds like more a candidate for the TYPO3_4-5-backports
and TYPO3_4-6-backports just as announced in a news recently:


Kind regards

Xavier Perseguers
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