[TYPO3-mvc] CheckboxViewHelper -> $this->propertyValue()

Martin Ernst ernst at alto.de
Fri Feb 10 12:06:48 CET 2012

Have you been able to resolve your problem?

I am having the same problem here. A form with a checkbox is fully 
functional. The correct state of the checkbox is always saved.

I have an own validator for my form. If the Validator fails, I return to 
the form. It is a form bound to and edit/update action. All values from 
the current object are filled in the fields, not the values from before 
posting the form. AND I get the error message for my checkboxes:

"Checkbox viewhelpers can only be bound to properties of type boolean or 

I am very much interested in a solution.


Am 31.01.2012 10:42, schrieb Claus Due:
> Hi Mark,
>> Can I assume that if values typed in textfields after submitting the form are shown in the form again after failing validation, that the formObject is not NULL?
> This is the key ;)
> No, you cannot always assume this. I suspect you may have NULL instead of a form object - try debugging that in either your Controller or template file.
> Cheers,
> Claus

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