[TYPO3-mvc] Extbase News 02 / 2012

Patrick Lobacher plobacher at n-o-g.de
Fri Feb 10 07:31:06 CET 2012

Dear Extbase Enthusiasts,

this week Felix and I did a Meeting to discuss the next steps in Extbase 

Besides a few ideas we have to discuss internally first - we have a few 
public information for you:

1.) A great welcome to our new team member Claus Due! You probably know 
Claus from his awesome contribution FED (http://www.fedext.net) and of 
course from his competent postings here in the list. We are glad to have 
you here Claus!

2.) We change the naming scheme of Extbase from its own scheme (1.3, 
1.4, ...)to the one, TYPO3 uses itself - so the next version of Extbase 
shipped with TYPO3 4.7.0 will be called "Extbase 4.7.0" (and so on). As 
it is a system extension which perfectly fits with the corresponding 
version of TYPO3 it absolutely makes sense to reflect this.

3.) We are happy to announce that in this year we will have two Extbase 
codesprints to give Extbase developement a vey big blast.
The first takes place in Flensburg from 15.03.-18.03.2012 and we will 
encourage you to participate. Of course you can participate even if you 
are no team member.
If you feel that you want to be part of this great event - so please 
contact Felix to get more information: http://forge.typo3.org/users/2632
As this codesprint is early enough - all work done there could/will be 
integrated in Extbase 4.7 - so this is your chance to get your stunning 
piece of code released in April ;-)

4.) In the future we will devide the member list at 
http://forge.typo3.org/projects/show/typo3v4-mvc into "members" and 
"inactive members" to reflect to amount of contribution a member does in 
a specific period of time (let's say the last 3 months for example). If 
you have a silent period you will be moved to "inactive" and as soon as 
you come back to the active contribution we will move you to the normal 
member section. This gives us the chance to see, who can help us 
actively in the moment. But this status has advantages to you too - so 
we have a lot of amenities if you are active - so you can receive 
benefits like cheaper fees for TYPO3 events (equal to a core voucher) or 
compensation for travel expenses if you visit a Extbase event like the 
planned code sprint.

I'm looking forward to a great year of Extbase and hope that you all 
will be a part of it :-)

Have a great day!

Extbase Team Lead

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