[TYPO3-mvc] Complex array validation

Jacob Rasmussen jacob at lightbulb.dk
Mon Feb 6 22:47:29 CET 2012

Hi Claus,

> Note here: if you use the rewritten property mapper you have to allow the creation of new objects. I'm sorry this is just a hint - you should be able to find how on the Extbase Wiki (I don't recall exactly how this is done and would rather not risk giving you incorrect info).

I have activated the new property mapper, but haven't been able find any 
documentation on how to

> This is not the ideal solution. You should be using "property" and have an assigned FormObject, otherwise validation will be a pain.
> Perhaps you can use this:
> http://fedext.net/fed-viewhelpers/form/dhtml-group/
> It does exactly what you need: adds related objects as an ObjectStorage of other DomainObjects while preserving full validation and form token generation. Rather than doing it like IRRE in the backend (add one item, fill out, add another etc) all the requested items are immediately added and ready to be filled.
> Included is a selector to allow the user to dynamically set the number of items to fill out.
> Generally speaking you may find a lot of what you need already included in FED ;)

I must admit, it's been a while since I've last looked at your FED 
extension, but it seems that I have to try it out :)

Btw. are you coming to the T3DD - I saw that a FED workshop have been 

> You want to avoid this :) but if you can't stay away from that solution let me know; I may have some tips for you.

Cool - although I hope that everything can be fixed with FED - that 
would be nice

Kind regards

Jacob Rasmussen
Certified TYPO3 Integrator

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