[TYPO3-mvc] Dispatch Error after adding Boolean Property to Demand Class

g4-lisz at tonarchiv.ch g4-lisz at tonarchiv.ch
Mon Feb 6 22:13:03 CET 2012

On 06.02.2012 21:44, Claus Due wrote:
>> Now i get the error: "Could not ultimately dispatch the request after 101 iterations. Most probably, a @dontvalidate annotation is missing on re-displaying a form with validation errors."
> Hi Till,
> Sounds like you are missing @dontvalidate on the controller action from which you send the request - and now both actions are reporting errors because none of them allow an invalid object as argument. The routing must be able to return back to the controller action that initiated the request, for example newAction().
> If you have @dontvalidate and the caches (also reflection, clear manually on 4.5) are cleared then there could be an issue with the validator you've chosen for the property. In any case, you should sync behavior for the getter/setter to both either do type-casting or not type-cast the value. Just to make sure you can always predict the return value type.
> --
> Cheers,
> Claus
Hi Claus,

thanks for the reply.

I have a lot of other boolean properties and this was no problem 
before... I didn't change the newAction code since then.

I'm using T3 4.6.

I suppose that this is a misleading error message. Why should there be a 
validation issue?


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