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Wed May 6 17:02:11 CEST 2015

That is what we are doing for Thai Customers since longer time and they are happy with Processwire or the new Drupal Dieter. 

And more and more German customers actually European customers move away from the headache of TYPO3 to more mature and modern CMS too but still there are some which like to keep templavoila as they are very happy with it and still hope that TYPO3 7 will at some soon point get to replace TV, what IMHO will never happen from our experience since 4.5 LTS

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> On 6 พ.ค. 2558, at 14:52, Dieter Bunkerd <db at typo3-asia.com> wrote:
>> On 06.05.15 06:51, Andreas Becker wrote:
>> Simply be honest! YOU and perhaps Alexander ( actually he sounded very enthusiastic in his mail concerning TV ) want MONEY and this MONEY is not coming so you stop the official maintenance of the TemplaVoila Version in TER. OK this is YOUR choice but it is for sure NOT the choice of many Developers and Agencies which still run and maintain TemplaVoila Websites for their customers as it is still THE BEST option.
> You got it Andy. Grow up please. There are so many alternatives besides TYPO3. Just use them.
> Customers in Asia don't want TYPO3
> Employees don't like it, 'cause they don't want to learn what they can't use elsewhere.
> An hour ago we just finished a mid-sized project with happy customers (editors) and happy employees.
> It's a no-brainer. At least in Asia.
> Best regards
> Dieter
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