[TYPO3-templavoila] get content with help of API for ke_search

Stefan Frömken firma at sfroemken.de
Wed May 30 09:28:59 CEST 2012

Am 30.05.2012 08:52, schrieb Kay Strobach:
> Hello Stefan,

hello Kay
> nice Idea,
> Do you just want to have the id's of the elements which are rendered?
> They are stored in the xml structure.
> 	pages.tx_templavoila_flex

this is a good hint. Thank you
> for the page and
> 	tt_content.tx_templavoila_flex
> for the content elements, additionally you need to check, which of the
> saved fields are in the to/ds, as non used fields won't get deleted ;)

ah yeah :-) I remember...THX
> How do you deal with user rights?

We copy the userrights of each page into the record of ke_search indexer 
> Wouldn't it be more generic to index similar to indexed_search?
>    - using a crawler
>    - index while viewing
> (OK see pro here for plugin based index, one may search for a news ;) )
ke_search is a facetted search engine. That's why we have build our own 
indexer process. For each plugin you can build your own indexer 
configuration. With help of using FULLTEXT it's faster than 
indexed_search. But I know that indexed_search uses FULLTEXT indexing in 
TYPO3 4.7, too. So maybe we are as fast as indexed_search in future, but 
our indexer is configured within 5 Minutes with help of 
"Klick-Klack"-Elements :-)
> Regards
> Kay

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