[TYPO3-templavoila] All DS from all GRSP are shown/selectable in TO-Record

Christian Tauscher christian.tauscher at media-distillery.de
Sat Mar 26 11:35:56 CET 2011


I'd like to diskuss the following issue:


Is it a feature or is it a annoying feature -> switch it off.

I think its annoying and a bug, because:

The bahavior bevore V 1.5.0 was correct as it respected the
/G/eneral /R/ecord /S/torage /P/lace of a site.

(btw: i am not really sure if this is the meaning of GRSP)

Of cource you can define more than only one GRSP, but this is quite
annoying and heavy to maintain.

Back to topic:

Typo3 is capable of storing multiple Websites within ONE Datatree. A
feature wich i use quite often, as you ca see in the example screen on
mantis. Its a kind of sandbox.

So if TV starts to behave diffent with V1.5.0, and allways show all TO's
of the whole tree, then the multi-site-feature becomes useless.

OK, you can start giving individual Names for the TO/DS sets to tell
them from each othe and not to mix up things, but this will lead to

One of my Projects: Numerous Micro-Sites for a companys salesmen. All
are quite similar to each other, all of them use default
TV-Wizard-Setup, but all of them have individual changes to fit certain
Ist nearly impossible to maintain my major "Micro-Site" with actually
134 individual customers since V1.5.0....

If I'd like to share all sites all DS/TO, i'd set all Micro-Sites to use
the same GRSP, but I prefer a clear separated structure.

You see? What is your opinion about this?
Did i miss to read a certain line in the docs?

At least i would like to have a setup option to change back to the 1.4
behaviour, but bevore I start this issue in Mantis, I'd like to hear
your opinions.

Thank you,


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