[TYPO3-templavoila] Conditional Templavoila Content Element display through Data Structure

regis.tedone at free.fr regis.tedone at free.fr
Mon Jan 31 15:01:07 CET 2011

Using last Typo3 4.5 LTS and Templavoila 1.5.3 

I would like to display Templavoila Page Content Element according to : 

- one variable for the content Element set by an additional field in tt_content table (tx_contentzone) 
- a Country user choice stored in a cookie set on site home page. 

tx_contentzone could have 3 values : 
0 > Entire World (The content element should be viewed by everybody) 
1 > North America (The content element should only be viewed by United state or Canada) 
2 > Rest of the world (The content element should be viewed by everybody except United state or Canada) 

By default, the Data processing > Typoscript code of my Templavoila Content Element is : 

10.tables = tt_content 

So I've got two question : 

In the Data processing Typoscript code, how to retrieve current value of tt_content : tx_contentzone ? 

An inclusion of a php lib could easily retrieve Cookie value, to know the user choice country. 

Then what typoscript condition code I have to use here to display Content element according to x_contentzone value and the user country cookie value ? 

THX for answers. 
Regis ... 

NB : I don't want to use Typo3 multi language system to reach the goal...... 

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