[TYPO3-templavoila] How to configure a TV-field to be of type

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Sun Feb 27 16:06:48 CET 2011

Hi there is something like
oldStyleColNumber or siminlar.

Using this you may configure your content Elements to be set to a
specific column.

perhaps that works.


Am 27.02.2011 15:28, schrieb Žiga Dolhar:
> Hello list,
> In my template and DS, I have "field_content", which holds and displays
> main content of my website. However, as I wanted to "outsource" the
> typoscript to main TS-template, I changed its "element preset" from
> "Page-content elements" to "Typoscript Object path" and set object path
> to "lib.field_content".
> This works as it should (or, as I expected it to work ;)).
> However, TV-Page BE module does not display any content. (If I set
> element preset back to Page-content elements, it displays content, but
> does not use the lib.field_content code I have in my main site template.)
> The question is - is it possible to have the best of both worlds? :)
> Thank you,
> Žiga Dolhar

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