[TYPO3-templavoila] New pagetree

Tolleiv.Nietsch info at tolleiv.de
Thu Nov 25 14:40:17 CET 2010

Am 25.11.2010 14:29, schrieb François Suter:
> "loadOrder" is not used, but "priority" is. You can set it to "top" or
> "bottom". A "bottom" extension will automatically put itself in the last
> position whenever a new extension is installed. As an example, extension
> "date2cal" uses it and it works fine.

Right. but unfortunately these priorities are very fragile. E.g. if the 
priority of an extension changes due to an update from TER, this is imho 
not respected (not to mention SVN based updates). Also the current 
usecase would more or less require that the pagetree is loaded "at the 
very bottom" or at least after each extension which registers a module 
in the "web" section and that nothing which can be done with the current 
"priority" implementation.


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