[TYPO3-templavoila] localisation and fce

Andreas Kiessling kiessling at pluspol.info
Tue Nov 23 00:08:19 CET 2010

Hi Christian,

Am 22.11.10 22:42, schrieb Christian Welzel:
> Hi there,
> someone pointed me to this rather old bugreport:
> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=7791
> and now i'm wondering what exactly is the problem and
> how to reproduce it... i think, the problem can only arise
> if someone uses an fce with a localisation done by a seperate
> record (record overlaying like tt_content).
> is this possible with fce at all? i'm not sure.

Sure it is possible. I use FCEs like that all the time and almost never 
the inline translation.

You will always have to take extra care with relations that point to a 
uid when in multilanguage/workspace setup...

What that bug means: when you are in a workspace and have a new or 
modified content element, your tt_content record has not only the "live" 
uid, but also a new uid in the workspace. When you create relations in 
the workspace, obviously the workspace uid must be stored in the 
relation table (or foreign field). When you resolve that relation in 
your fe-plugin again, you must check for the existence of _ORIG_uid ... 
For a content element, you get that special field automatically. If you 
use other records in a workspace, you have to call the appropriate 
functions yourself.

Same goes for multilanguage: you fetch a record and pass it to the 
getRecordOverlay function. That leaves the uid to the original value of 
the default element, but adds a _LOCALIZED_UID field to your fetched row 
(if a localized record exists).

So depending on your l10n_mode setting for a tca field, you would now 
have to check either uid or _LOCALIZED_UID... And of course, don't 
forget the _ORID_uid ;)

Back to TV: you can easily localize your FCE with the "Language" 
pulldown at the top. I even have a patch lying to start a FCE 
localization from the page module... I will prepare a RFC for that soon ;)

Would a relation do DAM records even work with inline translation? That 
relation needs a field it can "relate to" which gets stored in the ident 
field of the mm table. Otherwise you can't have multiple relations from 
a record, since the uids always stay the same.
So with langDisable set to 0, you will probably have the same relation 
in all fields?


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