[TYPO3-templavoila] New pagetree

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Thu Nov 18 17:24:09 CET 2010

Hi Tolleiv,

> The correct answer is that the new page-tree is never activated if the
> extension doesn't activate it on her own, which of course wasn't part of
> templavoila yet because the new page-tree was not available for testing.
> At least that's my conclusion from their ext_tables.php:
> $modules = array(
> 'web_layout', 'web_view', 'web_list', 'web_info', 'web_perm',
> 'web_func', 'web_ts',
> 'web_WorkspacesWorkspaces', 'web_txrecyclerM1', 'web_txversionM1'
> );
> foreach ($modules as $module) {
> t3lib_extMgm::addNavigationComponent($module, 'typo3-pagetree', array(
> 'TYPO3.Components.PageTree'
> ));
> }
> This means that all other extensions need to include this t3lib_extMgm
> call to be 4.5 compatible, otherwise their users will see the other tree.
> I'll try to find out if this will be kept this way or if there's a plan
> to remove the old tree completely and register all "web" modules
> automatically.

Sounds like the new pagetree should either become the only pagetree 
available or find a way to dynamically add itself for each and every web 
module (which is easy as long as this extension is loaded after all the 


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