[TYPO3-templavoila] Need users opinion

Jigal van Hemert jigal at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 6 08:58:22 CET 2010

Xavier Perseguers wrote:
>> - do tag images look out of general Backend style to you? They look very
>> foregign to me. They are "modern", "cool" and whatever but they are of
>> totally different style
> It does not hurt me. In fact I find it more appealing but what I really 
> Perhaps the gradient may be removed to better match the rest of the 
> backend and data element icons but I pretty like the different colors 
> there. In fact, I do not remember anymore (and don't have time yet to 
> take an old docu) how the icons looked like in the past.

The "new" tag images are in fact made some time ago before the 4.3+ BE 
style was known to me. There were a few problems with the original images:
- they were very small. So small that they were not readable anymore on 
high res displays
- the colours were quite dim, dull, which made the texts on them even 
harder to read
- a lot of newer tags were missing

I decided to propose a new set of images with the following things in mind:
- all tags, including the new HTML5 tags, should be available
- the colours should indicate the type of tag, so I followed the 
w3schools grouping of tags
- anti-aliased text with a font which is designed for readability would 
be a (small) improvement

I could not find a colour palette for the BE, so I tried to make a set 
of colours which did not look like any other colour in the set. The 
images were bigger than the old ones to make them visible on higher 
resolutions (they are approximately the same size as the tag in the HTML 
source code below them in the mapping area).

To make a consistent look and feel of the back end a style guide would 
be very nice. I read that Jens is taking care of the new core icons, so 
I would very much welcome a style guide which describes (among other 
- the style of icons (perspective, shadows, sizes, line thickness, 
gradients, etc.)
- level of details, use of colours
- standard symbols for various objects and functions
- colour pallete
- text style, font, size, etc.

I'd be very happy to create a new set which matches any standard. In 
fact, I'm going to contact Jens and see if he has information or ideas 
on what would be a could look and feel for the tag icons (and also the 
CO, SC, EL, etc. icons).

Jigal van Hemert.

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