[TYPO3-templavoila] StaticDS and multisites

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Tue Jul 27 10:00:12 CEST 2010

Ron Hall wrote:

Hello Ron,

>> I want to make use of the staticDS feature for a multisite [...]

> My assumption is that you want to make only certain templates available
> in some sites but not in others. Also, this will only be helpful if it is all right for your users to only see the TO and not the DS.

Actually the plan is to have several "unrelated" Websites in one TYPO3 
instance. But now that you mention it.. It makes more sense to share DS 
in some cases (eg for FCEs).
Thanks a lot for your tips, I'll try that - and I'll try it with your TV 
framework of course!


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