[TYPO3-templavoila] StaticDS and multisites

Ron Hall ronslists at busynoggin.com
Mon Jul 26 17:41:27 CEST 2010

Hello Tolleiv,

> The purpose of having the DS as an external XML file is to have the chance of (SVN based) versioning, easier distribution and maybe easier development. The current approach (which technically existed in TV for a long time) resolves this with a full replacement of the DS record. But unfortunately the DS record holds important meta-information which can't be stored easily in the XML (e.g. the preview image or the storage-position (a.k.a. General Record Storage Page) and some others).
> A long term solution could/will be a mixed solution - having the record based Datastructure carrying all the meta information but with an external file-based Datastructure-XML.

As you work on this, please keep Jeff Segars apprised of the solution's timing and approach. As you can imagine, changes to the static DS approach can have major ramifications to the TemplaVoila Framework and its users, so Jeff and I will want to keep pace with adjustments in this area so we can adjust our code accordingly.


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