[TYPO3-templavoila] Templavoila problem with ".field"

Stefan Frömken firma at sfroemken.de
Wed Jul 14 08:10:54 CEST 2010

The field-property always get its content from the current record. 
So...if you are on your pagerecord (maintemplate) than you can access 
all pagefields with this property like page:*.

If you can add TS into an extension than the property "field" can only 
access all fields from the current tt_content record.

Here in TV it is the same. You can access only the current record of TV. 
This meens you can only access the fields you have created in XML 
(Example: field_content or field_link). If you need some records from 
current tt_content record in TV then have a look into documentation and 
search for some special register variables


Romain Roy schrieb:
> Hello,
> I've problem with the templavoila with the < .field > property
> I've the typoscript following
> Lib.header=TEXT
> Lib.header.field=title
> My lib.header is OK ( I try with < .value >) but the result is empty. I found that I must add < page. > before for have a result.
> But, with the typoscript :
> Lib.header=TEXT
> Lib.header.data=page :title
> It's OK !
> With the previous version isn't necessary to add < page. > before.
> It's possible that templavoila empty the < .field > typoscript property ?
> Thank you very much for your help !
> Best regards
> I use :
> TYPO3 4.4.0
> Templavoila 1.4.4 with the static DS
> Romain Roy

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