[TYPO3-templavoila] Is Templavoila in a stable version / a mature extension

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Fri May 15 14:48:48 CEST 2009

Hi Martin,

> Good point. Only I think Typoscripting becomes harder since it gets more
> complex with TV. And therefore I will not start using TV on a "real" project
> before I have heard peoples oppionion.
> It seems that most documentation of extensions related to TV has not been
> updated much since 2006/07. Is that right?

I'm making quite a few "real" projects as you say for quite a long time 
now and TemplaVoila and RealURL are the two first extensions I install 
after the core itself.

It's really stable now and I cannot see the point to fear using it for 
productive sites. But you are free to not use it of course.

Xavier Perseguers

One contribution a day keeps the fork away

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