[TYPO3-templavoila] Display FCE template title or icon in TV page module

Ian Solo ian at webian.it
Thu Mar 12 16:19:37 CET 2009

Is there a way to show the FCE template title or its preview icon in TV 
page module?

By instance: when the editor creates standard content elements ( regular 
text element; text with images; etc.) there's a little icon just after 
the language icon.
This helps the editor to quickly understand what type each element is.

Using the TV repository version 1.3.7, when the editor creates FCE 
elements, at least in my installations, the icon after the language icon 
is always the "Regular text element" icon.

Using the TV trunk revision 17753, the FCE icon after the language icon 
is a nice "Lego piece" icon.

IMHO, it should be useful if this icon could be customized:
- or using a small icon made from the preview icon
- or adding a new preview small icon for the TV page module.

Another solution to help editors could be to display the FCE template 
title in the TV page module.
Or, better, both the small preview icon and FCE template title could be 


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