[TYPO3-templavoila] Public Release of the TV Framework I Use

Ron Hall ronslists at busynoggin.com
Wed Jul 15 17:26:36 CEST 2009

Hello Fernando,

> a) you have made some changes to improve the BE layout. Would you  
> mind to
> make a patch and submit it? that look&feel it's something that TV must
> have

Most of the changes are CSS and JavaScript in the DS. But to allow  
those to work I had to add CSS classes in one TV file.
This modified TV file I use was recently submitted as a feature  
request. I wish I could give you the exact number in the bug tracker  
but the system acted up and I inadvertently submitted the same request  
multiple times. But the number will be either 0011516, 0011517,  
0011518 or 0011519

I also submitted two other feature requests (0011520 & 0011521)

> b) I was working in a similar project and i was considering using YAML
> (yaml.de is a CSS framework) to get something like the one you got.  
> Why
> you are using you own CSS framework and not YUI or YAML? i think  
> that a
> "standard" framework it's better for everyone

The reality is that there is no "standard" framework out there. There  
are popular frameworks (YUI, YAML, 960 grid and blueprint) but no  
matter which you choose most people will have to learn it. I am aware  
of YAML but have not studied it. It has been sometime since I looked  
at YUI and when I did it was brief. I am more familiar with 960 gird  
and blueprint. The developer of 960 is a friend of mine and the best  
front end coder I know.

I have learned from CSS frameworks particularly when it comes to the  
reset, but at least with the way that 960 and blueprint handle the  
widths of content blocks they do not mesh with how I want my sites to  
work. I do not know if YAML or YUI do the same. In the 960 and  
blueprint frameworks, they use classes to set widths of content  
blocks. In the case of blueprint it would use a class of "span-12" to  
indicate the width of a content block and if you wanted that to be  
half as wide as wide then you would need to change that to "span-6." I  
do not like changing the HTML source for changes like this. I prefer  
to name the block (e.g. contentBlock-1) and set the width in my CSS  
file. This means if the width of that block changes I just need to  
edit the CSS file not multiple HTML files.

I respect these frameworks and actually use a blueprint/960 type  
approach for handling table columns widths in the RTE (maybe some day  
I will have time to document that), but I have chosen the route I have  
because it fits how I work.

> c) I miss some technical domentation in the side of Typoscript. For
> example how did you do the conditional include of the "field_feature".
The conditional for the feature is in the core TypoScript of the  
framework but it is an automatic thing. If the user puts content in  
the feature area then the feature and its pre & post code objects will  
be generated. If the user does not put content there (or it is hidden)  
then none of those items will be generated.

Ron Hall
Busy Noggin, Inc.

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