[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE, workspace and translation fails - Bug?

Gregor Nathanael Meyer Gregor at der-meyer.de
Wed Jul 15 13:03:46 CEST 2009

Hi Tolleiv,

you are right. I tested again and figured out, that this affects also 
the standard Content Elements. At first, I thought it didn't affect 
them, but my test setting was not correct. The parent CE must be new or 
edited in the workspace to provoke this behaviour. Stupid me, sorry.

I also edited my note in the Bugtracker. 

I think, this thread is obsolete now.


> Hi - I just had a short look into the issue and your great screenshot's...
> are you sure that this is related to TV? This seems more or less a 
> Core-Problem because TV isn't triggered in the first place if you create 
> the localization... so the l10n_parent value is something which is imho 
> handled within the Core and not within TV...
> Could you try to "reproduce" it without TV and afterwards give me an 
> update on that? If it's really a TV problem we should try to fix it asap...
> Thanks,
> Tolleiv

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