[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE, workspace and translation fails - Bug?

Gregor Nathanael Meyer Gregor at der-meyer.de
Sat Jul 11 22:28:36 CEST 2009

Hello there, my first post here, I hope I meet your etiquette. :)

I think I found a serious bug in the current stable TemplaVoilà 1.3.7 in 
the combination workspaces with translation of FCE in 
<langDisable>1</langDisable> mode:

When I create a new translation for any FCE and save it, it shows up 
just under the default language's FCE in the TV-page module and is 
linked in the database via l10n_parent. This is the normal way and it 
works quite well.

When I do the same thing in any other than the LIVE workspace, the 
translated FCE doesn't show up in the TV-page module. Huh? Why not? 
Standard Content Elements work fine this way in all workspaces.

A look to the database shows the reason: the fields "l18n_parent" and 
"t3_origuid" of the translated FCE link both to an ID which is not 
present. In my testcase the default language FCE has the ID 9, the 
translation has ID 11 (no other changes to the tt_content table in the 
meantime), but it links to ID 10 as its parent, where no entry exists. 
Elements and translations in the LIVE workspace use correct references 
and get ID with following numbers (in my case 7 and 8). When I change 
the referenced in "l18n_parent" and "t3_origuid" to the correct ID (in 
my case 9), the element shows up again in the TV-page module in other 
workspaces, too.

Can anyone follow me? I have made a series of commented screenshots to 
illustrate the problem. If you want to see it, i'll upload it anywhere.

I reproduced the problem on two different systems:

1: TYPO3 4.2.8, TV 1.3.7 from TER, PHP 5.1.6 on CentOS (not sure about 
that, not my system)
2: TYPO3 4.2.6, TV 1.3.7 from TER, PHP 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.6, MySQL 
5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.4 on an Ubuntu Server 8.04 (with all updates installed)

My question to you is: Can anyone reproduce this behaviour? This is 
quite simple, if you have a multilanguage-site and at least one FCE with 
Add a new FCE in the Draft workspace (or any other than LIVE) and add a 
translated copy of it. If the error affects you too, the translation 
won't be visible in TV's page module and you see an error message in the 
select box "Transl.Orig:" iside the "Type" box of the translated FCE 
(show the secondary options palette).

I had reported this as a bug, but the bugtracker is down since at least 
four days, so I bother you with this issue.

Kind regards from Duesseldorf, Germany,
Gregor Nathanael Meyer

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