[TYPO3-templavoila] TV 1.4.X issue

Christian Tauscher christian.tauscher at media-distillery.de
Sun Dec 6 15:33:36 CET 2009

Christian Lerrahn (Cerebrum) schrieb:

> ALTER TABLE tx_templavoila_tmplobj CHANGE templatemapping templatemapping blob;

I have reported a bug on this issue:


The bug was closed.

As I was writing the report I allready knew that this sounds very very
very strange. Especially the part of "secound storage folder".

But: I can reproduce this on my developement Server (latest ubuntu) and
on the live-site hosted by mittwald.

I have tested this:
first T3 update then TV update -> Error
first TV update then T3 update -> Error

the Error occures after the TV update, so it's not a 4.3 issue.

Most strange to me is:

If the alter is executed by TYPO3 the problem occures, if I do the alter
via phpmyadmin everything is fine.



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