[TYPO3-templavoila] TypoScript with TV

Torsten Kirmse torsten.kirmse at netnotix.com
Sun Sep 7 21:31:01 CEST 2008

Hi all,

First, I am a beginner with TV.
I have set up a template and mapped this with the wizard.
The mail content part and the menu works fine.

my problem:
In the last <td> of my template i have a footer like this:
<p class="bodytext"><span class="detail">©###YEAR### Company</span>|last 
update: ###LAST_CHANGE###</p>

I want to replace the markers with the following TS:
page.10.marks.YEAR = TEXT
page.10.marks.YEAR.data = date:Y
page.10.marks.LAST_CHANGE = TEXT
page.10.marks.LAST_CHANGE.data = register:SYS_LASTCHANGED
page.10.marks.LAST_CHANGE.strftime = %d.%m.%Y

Where I have to place the TS code ?
In the template setup section ? (Dosn´t work)
In the DS ? (Where ?)


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