[TYPO3-templavoila] Inserting text with images descritpion text confuses editors

Niels Fröhling niels.froehling at adsignum.com
Wed Oct 1 23:47:38 CEST 2008

Thomas Rehhoff wrote:
> Hi Steffen, I knew about that one, but I don't think it solves the general 
> confusion problem. Unless it means I can make the icon and description text 
> available that the user get's when using standard page rendering method. 
> Removing say, "Text with image below" will still leave me with "text with 
> image to the right" instead of having one icon adn description called "text 
> w image" and then a general description, explaining to the user, that (s)he 
> can change the layout themself.
 Reversed engeneer the original idea (supposely) was that the _wizard_ 
offers you less technical more profile/preset-based choices to enter the 
creation of new content. This reflects also in the way you are defining 
CE-wizard entries out of your own extensions. IMHO the problem is not 
that they those preset-like choices are there, the problem is, there are 
generally not enough (like +section, +sitemap, +pluginX, +pluginY, 
+FCE1, +FCE2) to make it appear more wizard-like.
 It could possibly be though about grouping CE-types, having just a 
single row for all 3 "Text w/ image" icons, to indicate for the 
versatile users that those are actually sub-presets.
 But principally I think the problems solves itself by just putting 
yourself into another expentency-mode. :-)


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