[TYPO3-templavoila] Different html in template for each language ? (static css image menu with javascript rollover imageswap)

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Fri Nov 21 13:22:07 CET 2008


> I have a site in 2 languages, english and french. I am using a static main
> menu (meaning the main branches of the site will never change) which is made
> out of CSS positionned DIVs each containing an image surrounded by a link
> ... I need to use positioned images since the menu has overlapping shapes
> and uses a custom font (thanks to the designers ... don't get me started ...
> ). 
> I then use Javascript to handle the rollover images.
> So my problem is how can i have the menu change when you change the website
> language ? Since the main menu is hardcoded into the htm file on which my
> main site template is based i am wondering how i can solve this ?
> Is it possible to use different TV templates for each language ?

I had the same issue and solved it using subtemplates in TV. You create 
your template and mapping for the main language and then add a 
subtemplate to your template with an additional condition to show when 
language is e.g., sys_language_uid = 1. This works automatically and you 
just have to remap the subtemplate according to the same DS.

Xavier Perseguers

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