[TYPO3-templavoila] repeating elements do not render

Simon Tuck stu at rtpartner.ch
Tue Mar 4 09:10:56 CET 2008

John Nicholas wrote:
> No luck. Still have the same symptom of the repeating part is blank.
Hm. Ok, then I have 1 more suggestion for you: add an enclosing div to 
the code, map the section outer to the enclosing div and the elements 
container inner to <div class="productgallery">.
> Is this feature being used by people? I haven't seen any sign that it 
Very much.
> works except for the tutorial example. I also find it strange that there 
Works fine.
> isn't any support for reordering the repeatable elements and the 
What do you mean? Reordering is a basic feature of sections.
> interface is really confusing even for how to add new ones.
Yes, the ui could definitely be improved.
> I would normally just write a regular extension here but I don't see a 
> good way to support multiple arbitrary galleries per page.
Well an extension will certainly work, but one of the nice things about 
templavoila is that it will do the job too.

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