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Dmitry Dulepov [typo3] dmitry at typo3.org
Fri Jan 25 15:35:32 CET 2008


Franz Koch wrote:
> well, when it's the only clean way to get it working without hacking the 
> core, I don't care about official statements (don't get this wrong - 
> it's not ment against you Dmitry).

Your approach with CSS in TS works as soon as you have one template per DS. This is ok for simple sites. But for big sites with sevral templates per DS (or several representations of the same page using different templates) this does not always work. This is why header selection is there. You are free to do it your own way, of course ;)

> Writing the filter-stuff in the regular CSS makes the CSS invalid. And 
> in fact I'm really sick of using the '* html' hack with extra hacks for 
> IE Mac or whatever. A conditional comment is just perfect for it. No 
> extra pages in cache like with TS browser conditions - just one simple 
> template, nicely separated css files with all hacks and modifications in 
> one place, and one location where the header data is created.

I still do not understand why people need to use hacks in the work in standards mode. The only serious difference is png transparency but that can be handled with filter and does not require separate file.

> If somebody knows a better way to achieve this for different versions of 
> IE and not flooding the cache tables with TS-browser-conditions - I'm 
> always willing to learn.

Can you give me an example: what requires hacks? I wonder if I can make it without hacks :)

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