[TYPO3-templavoila] html comments and TV

Franz Koch typo.removeformessage at fx-graefix.de
Fri Jan 25 14:10:36 CET 2008

Hi Dmitry,
> Franz Koch wrote:
>> there is absolutely no need for that. I f.e. never map any header data 
>> with TV - I always add it with TypoScript and in 90% of all sites I 
>> have a conditional comment for IE.
> I only have t say that this is officially discouraged way with TV.

well, when it's the only clean way to get it working without hacking the 
core, I don't care about official statements (don't get this wrong - 
it's not ment against you Dmitry).
Writing the filter-stuff in the regular CSS makes the CSS invalid. And 
in fact I'm really sick of using the '* html' hack with extra hacks for 
IE Mac or whatever. A conditional comment is just perfect for it. No 
extra pages in cache like with TS browser conditions - just one simple 
template, nicely separated css files with all hacks and modifications in 
one place, and one location where the header data is created.

If somebody knows a better way to achieve this for different versions of 
IE and not flooding the cache tables with TS-browser-conditions - I'm 
always willing to learn.


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