[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE with multiple DAM images zoomed with Thickbox

Ian Solo ian at webian.it
Sun Jan 20 18:36:05 CET 2008

Hi all!
I'm getting crazy to solve this problem. It's too difficult for me. :'(

I made a FCE with an image field that get images from DAM and then those 
images can be zoomed in the frontend using jQuery Thickbox.

("jQuery Thickbox" is like Lightbox)

If there's just 1 image all work correctly.
The problem is that the following images don't zoom with Thickbox.

Practically, the first image is tagged correctly but not the following ones.

By instance, the right tag is like this:
<a href="fileadmin/user_upload/image1.jpg" class="thickbox" ><img 
src="typo3temp/pics/ff1d8e0269.jpg" width="135" height="104" alt="" 
title="" /></a>

The class "thickbox" is necessary for the image to zoom with Thickbox.

The first image have a tag like the former one but the following have a 
tag like this:
return false;" target="thePicture"><img 
src="typo3temp/pics/7c6d81c826.jpg" width="135" height="62" alt="" 
title="" /></a>

Obviously, this tag doesn't make the image zoom with Thickbox, but it 
makes the image zoom normally in a separate window.

The typoscript code that I used in the Data Structure of the FCE is this:

10 < tt_content.image.20
10.imgList.cObject {
		refField = field_image
		userFunc = tx_damtvc_tsfe->fetchFileList

10.maxW = 135

10.1 = IMAGE
10.1.file.import.current = 1
10.1.file.import.listNum = 0

10.1.imageLinkWrap {
	enable.field = field_enlarge

	typolink.parameter.field = currentValue_kidjls9dksoje
	typolink.parameter.wrap = |

	typolink.ATagParams.dataWrap = class="thickbox"

I guess the problem is in the line:
typolink.parameter.field = currentValue_kidjls9dksoje

I know, it's a bad trick that I made ;p but I don't know how to pass the 
"fileadmin/user_upload/imageX.jpg" parameter to the HREF of the A tag.

Please, can I have some tips to solve this problem?

Thank you very much!ian

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