[TYPO3-templavoila] RFC: dam_ttcontent / tv ... referenced files won't get thumbnails in page view

Franz Koch typo.removeformessage at fx-graefix.de
Mon Jan 14 11:39:37 CET 2008

Hi Jochen, Hi Dimitry,

> I created a bug report and patch [1] in order to get thumbnails in TV's 
> page module (page view) for dam referenced images (via dam_ttcontent).
> I patched it against the repos version 1.3.3 of templavoila.
> Dmitry, in case you'd like to include this patch in the next update of 
> TV just tell me if it's okay or eg if you need the patch against svn's 
> trunk.

there is no patch needed. You can achieve this using one of the provided 
hooks. I coded a little extension once, where I take care of this and 
also show propper picture alignment etc. as well as lists etc.
I wanted to put that in TER - but didn't find the time so far.


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