[TYPO3-templavoila] Simplify template object selection for pages and FCE

Joerg Wagner [DigiLog] news.netfielders.de at digilog.de
Mon Dec 29 20:52:53 CET 2008

Just a short remark to support this change:

I strongly agree that removing the DS selector is an important usability 
enhancement for editors. During editor training I always have to teach 
them to switch one selector (DS), accept the alert message, then switch 
the second selector (TO). This is not only annoying but results in the 
overall impression of an uncomfortable system and I have problems 
reasoning why this step is necessary.

Anyway, I am grateful for this change!

Cheers, Jörg.

Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> Hi!
> Steffen Kamper wrote:
>> i think you misunderstood. Bad is if an option isn't available. I see
>> the selector now after your patch.
> Ok, sorry :)
>> i mean also another thing, let me describe in code:
>> If you create a new page and the parent page has set "Use template for
>> subpages" it's unnecessary to render the template selector in
>> class.tx_templavoila_mod1_wizards.php->renderWizard_createNewPage
>> there the call
>> $tmplSelector = $this->renderTemplateSelector ($positionPid,'tmplobj');
>> should look for the parent page flag and use it if set instead of render
>> the selector.
> This part will be reworked completely. There will be totally new content element and page wizards :) Work for CE wizard is in progress right now. I though I will finish both till the January 1st but I aifraid ti will take further two weeks (till January 15 probably).
>> btw - i never saw this selector with t3d which is called in same
>> function. I see a hardcoded path
>> PATH_site.$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['fileadminDir'].'/export/templates/
>> where the t3d files have to reside. Is this used, why this path and who
>> exports to this?
> It can be a dead end. Probably one of Kasper's unfinished ideas. I do not remember that part right now :(

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