[TYPO3-templavoila] Wish list for TV

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Wed Dec 17 11:50:55 CET 2008


Xavier Perseguers wrote:
> I would find the inclusion of external files for DS definitively great
> but I do not think that the inclusion of external files as <include
> file=""/> XML element is the best way to solve this problem. What I
> would to be able to do is to ask TV to store the definition in a
> external file and read it from there. If I update the DS from within TV
> wizards, I want my external file to be updated. How may external files
> be updated if I may include multiple external files like proposed above?

The idea was that you can have reusable xml snippets and combine them into DS. For example, I have to repeat things again and again on sites. Instead I could just include an xml snippet, which I could check out from my SVN. This applies to menu, breadcramps, content, news, news categories, etc. There can be lots of such snippets. It can be even a public "TV elements repository".

> I do not know requirements from other people but for me this use case
> would be enough:
> - Create a DS/TO record, have an option to store this in an external file
> - TV updates his internal XML structure _and_ the external file upon save
> - TV goes on using the internal XML structure to render items
> - Upon external file update, a warning icon is shown, just as for
> template updates and a button may be clicked to "synchronize" external
> file with internal structure => copy external content to internal
> structure.

This sounds really good too! Can you put it to BT as a new bug report but then add a "related to" relation to the existing bug report about static DS for pages?

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